Highlight Topics

The programme will tackle newly emerging issues in the STI field, including:


- The rise of Syphilis and other STIs in the context of HIV Biomedical Interventions

- Practical implications of research into the Genital Microbiome and Biofilms

- Gonococcal Resistance

- Sexual Health and Quality Sex in STI practice
- The loss of Behavioural Interventions in the era of biomedical prevention

- Partner services

- The Future of Publicly-Funded STD Clinics

- How STI practice can be improved through Programme Science

By choosing quality over quantity, and avoiding silos, we envisage a limited number of parallel tracks for symposia and abstract-driven sessions. There will be a number of topic-specific workshops, including clinical cases, which have been received very well at previous congresses.

Derek Freedman


Charlotte Gaydos


Henry de Vries


Committee Chair

Kees Rietmeijer

Scientific Committee Chair